IPAG60 : Alternative Technology to provide clean water in peatland area

Indonesia’s attention to the issue of environmental damage is increasingly intensifying. One cause of the worsening environmental conditions is due to natural resource management that cannot be renewed or can be renewed has exceeded its carrying capacity. Environmental sustainability and ecosystem levels are not maintained anymore, therefore the parties involved, in this case, the private and state enterprises, governments and communities need to develop good cooperation and synergy for sustainable environmental management.

If the quality of the social life of the community in question is good enough, then the ability to support environmental conservation programs would be the better. Regional development in buffer zones and transition areas should be done to create economic activities that benefit the community in the region in order to preserve and protect the core area. Activities undertaken include the development of the application of appropriate technologies that can meet the basic needs of communities around the reserve, including water supply and other economic resources. The implementation programs of economic development in buffer zones and transition areas were expected to be the balance between the interests of conservation with the economic interests of the development of biosphere reserves.

The majority of areas in Riau Province and Midle Kalimantan Province have the land with peat surface water. The characteristics of the peat water are:

–          Has a low pH levels (2-4) that is highly acidic

–          Have high levels of organic

–          High levels of iron and manganese

–          Yellow or dark brown

This kind of surface water is basically not suitable as raw water for drinking water. Compared with other surface water that is fresh water, the water from the turf needs to be processed specifically by adding stages in the process . In order to improve the efficiency of water treatment plant, it would require a review of potential issues that may arise in every phase of water treatment process. Meanwhile the first phase of this research activity aims to conduct field observations in order to determine the mounting location of IPAG and to learn about the readiness and willingness of local communities to adopt appropriate technologies that will be implemented.

Peat water treatment technology that has been established in previous studies (2009-2011) allows the peat areas have peat water treatment facility for drinking water supply. During the implementation and testing of the water treatment facility is limited in the area of peat Katingan, Central Kalimantan province, meanwhile, a lot of territory in some areas in Indonesia, especially Sumatra and Kalimantan, which has a clean water source issues. Implementation of this technology in the wider area is necessary to support the increase in water services in the region.

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