APCE has and develops excellent expertise and experience in the following fields:

  1. Relationships among ecological pattern and hydrological process;
  2. Disturbance and dynamics in natural and anthropogenic ecology and hydrology;
  3. Ecohydrological approaches to biodiversity conservation, environmental management, and ecological restoration;
  4. Integrating hydrology with ecological planning, design, and architecture, or reverse;
  5. Trans disciplinary studies of regional sustainability from scopes of ecohydrology, ecology, or both.

As part of Research Center for Limnology, towards capacity building, the personnel of the center has contributed to a number of experiences in organizing training courses in Indonesia, such as:

  • Training and Workshop on New Ecohydrology Demonstration Site Projects “Ecohydrology for Managing Sustainable Water Futures”, in Jakarta, Indonesia, 21 – 23 March 2011
  • National Training and Workshop on National Priority Lakes on 17 July 2012 in Cibinong, Indonesia
  • Training IFAS (Integrated Flood analysis System) on January 15 – 17, 2013 in Jakarta

As part of the Indonesian IHP National Committee, the Asia Pacific Center for Ecohydrology has a solid hydrological network both in the Asia Pacific region and in Indonesia and therefore has contributed in several IHP activities in close cooperation with UNESCO Office Jakarta. Among others:

  • Organization of International Workshop on UNESCO new Ecohydrology Demonstration Site projects
  • Ecohydrology Demonstration Site “Sediment Deposition System on Saguling Reservoir, West Java

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